Out and About with Courtney

Usually, we’d be talking about Cooking with Courtney but this time of year we like EXPLORING even more! New places have popped up on the map and we’re excited to visit them!

This month, we’re exploring a new restaurant on South Main Street in Canandaigua called KiX on Main. Yup, that’s spelled right! KiX is a combination of the proprietor’s names – Kimberly (Ki) and Alexander (X) and is a fun, cozy full-service restaurant and bar that features some of our most favorite vittles. Featured prominently on their website, you’ll see their Chicken French -which is as delicious as it looks! Their cocktail menu is creatively delicious too and features a refreshing Lavender Mule which takes the traditional Mule made with lime juice and turns it on its head by substituting Widmoon Lavender Liqueur. Delightful! And, even more so when enjoyed on their rooftop deck that overlooks South Main.

If you take a trip to Canandaigua, you should really check KiX on Main out. And, if you do, let us know what you think!

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