Meet Kathleen Higgins

A lifelong resident of the Rochester area, Kathleen brings her dedication to family and community to the Courtney Dudek Team and her clients.

The Back Story

Born and raised in Rushville, Kathleen comes from a close-knit family that has supported her in all of her pursuits. As a graduate of SUNY Oswego with a Bachelors in Communications, she knew it was important she combine her love of all things family – including the fur babies – with all things community-related when deciding on a profession.

Why Real Estate?

One of the best things about the Rochester area is that we’re a mid-sized city with a small town feel. As Kathleen describes it, it gives her the opportunity to “meet different, interesting people from all walks of life on a daily basis. Getting to know them keeps me engaged in the community and has allowed me to embark on this unique career path. I find a great deal of personal fulfillment in finding my clients their new homes.” She also considers being a part of the Courtney Dudek Homes team a big plus. “I love the social aspect of the team, how we really enjoy each other’s company. And, the team structure itself provides me all the tools I need to keep moving forward in this business.”

Where You May Find Kathleen

Spending time in or around water! An avid boater, swimmer and jet skier, Kathleen spends time with her boyfriend, family and friends taking advantage of many of the great water “features” in the area. You can also find her hiking with her dogs or spending peaceful time reading and gardening.

We are as excited to have Kathleen be a part of our team as she is to be here with us!

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