Let’s Grill and Chill!

Hello Friends! We hope you’ve had the chance to enjoy some adventures this summer. The weather has been just beautiful! Who knew August would come some quickly, with Labor Day just around the corner? For this month’s, Here’s What’s Cooking, we thought we’d give you some great tips on how you can grill and chill and salute the end of summer.


First on the menu of awesome ideas is the menu. Hamburgs and hot dogs are sure to please but why not up your grill game with some simple add ons that will leave you plenty of time to actually chill.

Carrots- What’s up doc? This awesome recipe from Good Housekeeping

Potatoes- Food Network has a smokin’ hot recipe for potato salad which included grilling the potatoes!

Watermelon- We’re not even kidding! Enjoy this recipe from Delish that’s really, well, delish


The complement to any great grilling experience is the chilling experience with a beverage that makes us believe that summer will never end. Here are some favorites:

Cheers to beers: These top 20 beers of summer are actually Men’s Health Magazine approved. Let’s toast to that one!

Cheers to cocktails: As long as we’re riding the healthy train, we found some choices that are a little lighter in calories but great on taste. Let’s just call them, “healthy-ish.”

Cheers to mocktails: Check out these summer sippers that are alcohol free!


The thrill of victory? It could be yours. Check out these great options for the latest and greatest in lawn games. Some of the classics you’ve grown to love are included but what about Jenga with hidden jello shots? Gigantic Connect Four? Golf beer pong? Leave it to Oprah to keep us on point!

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