Fall Decor Trends You Should Keep An Eye On This Year

When the first day of fall is upon us, everybody says the same thing: “Can you BELIEVE it’s already autumn?” It’s hard to accept that the leaves will be changing in front of our eyes before we know it. Although the temperature will start to drop soon, there’s plenty to look forward to as the seasons start changing. So, break out your decorations from the basement, because it’s time to take a look at what interior styles are trending this fall!

Woodland Retreat

Take advantage of the foliage by incorporating a woodland theme into your home! Try mixing some deep plum accents, chunky wool knits, and rustic country linens to keep things festive yet cozy. Jewel tones are ideal for setting the stage in this outdoor-esque concept.

The Curated Look

We’ve all got trinkets passed on from family members for each season. The curated look is trending, so use them to your advantage when staging things like a mental or accent shelf. The biggest rule of thumb: the quirkier, the better!

Cool Neutrals

If you’re not a fan of the warm pallet that tends to come along with decorating in the fall, then this trend is for you! Say goodbye to those shades of red and orange that, other than during the fall season, would never be caught dead in your home. Try swapping out a color scheme with a neutral wood scheme; pine cones, white pumpkins, and acorns are encouraged!

Hopefully, these tips can get you started on decorating your home like never before. If you’re currently looking around and wishing you had a new space to decorate, perhaps a new home is in your future! Looking to fall in love with a new space this season? Connect with me today to get started.

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